Episode 35: Go Beyond Your Comfort Ukramedia Podcast

Discussion on design, motion, and animation and how to be on top of things in the industry

Episode Description

Uladzimir Bahatyrevich, also known as Vlad, is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, designer, and animator specializing in motion graphics and CGI.

The biggest drive and motivation for Vlad has always been to inspire people. He enjoys using art and design as a form of communication and finds a motion design medium as one of the most effective and compelling methods in our society today. Cohesive treatment of typography, imagery and motion supported by a visual aesthetic and sound design are essential in his storytelling process. Vlad’s range of experience involves projects for diverse media including content for web, events, art galleries, trade shows, title sequences, and broadcast TV including Super Bowl spots.

Such a broad range of expertise and multidisciplinary flow of conceptual work empowers Vlad and brings passion to his work every single day. Constant exploration of different media inspires Vlad to expand his possibilities and help him develop as an artist and an individual.


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