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Figma e-Learning Platform - Tutorial Tim Collaboration

3D Animated Video Commercial for Figma e-Learning Platform by Tutorial Tim

Figma e-Learning Platform - Tutorial Tim

What if there was a better way to expedite your design workflow not just for yourself, but for your entire team and organization?Tutorial Tim video promo is a unique, one-of-a-kind project focused on promoting Figma's online learning platform for its upcoming public launch.

The storytelling of the video is centered around the hero character to empathize with a day to day problems professionals are going through when creating new products. This highly engaging 3D animated promo is featuring a brand new online platform showcasing designers, developers, project managers, and even entire companies by providing relevant courses on establishing design processes and design systems with a heavy emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Most importantly, the animation highlights Tutorial Tim's insights on conducting the right conversations to ensure your designs align with the production code.

Ownership & Contributions

Direction and Production
Discovery & Brainstorm
Concept & Ideation
Voiceover, Music, SFX
Visual Storytelling & Storyboarding
Design & Motion (2D & 3D)
Adoption and distribution across different channels (TikTok, YouTube, Dribbble, Instagram)

Full Scale Production / Styleframes

Visual Direction

Dribbble Boosted

Storyboard Development

Visual Direction & Modeling Development

3D Scene & Characters Development

Cutdown Versioning

3D Assets Modeling

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