Motion, User Interface, Storytelling, Visual Communication

Motion Design Language

The value of motion design within new technologies and its impact on the user experience through visual communication.

The motion design language is a visual exploration depicting the fluidity of surfaces through a series of visual signifiers. This elegant exploration defines a range of patterns in how we perceive abstract moving elements on our screens. Each scene of this work is designed to communicate a specific intent ranging from focus, rejection, confirmation, navigation, hierarchy, and others, illustrating how simple design, using abstract primitive shapes is capable to communicate a deeper, intricate meaning through motion.The motion design language is designed to be universal and can be understood by all people, regardless of their generation, race, or ethnicity. The execution of this work has been designed to be presented through deliberate motion, seamless transitions, and delightful moments while taking a viewer on a visual journey of motion design language. It is the language that can be actively applied across all surface interfaces of the products we use today or will use in the future.

Motion design provides user guidance within applications and systems using movement and animation to communicate to the user where to focus, what to do next, and help them navigate within visual interfaces. Motion design can communicate with a user through gestures, movements, efficacy, and feedback in participation with new technologies. This book identifies and elaborates on the value of motion design within new technologies and its impact on the user experience within various products and applications. In the early 21st century as the technology sector advances and offers consumers diverse products that range from a variety of screen sizes, sensors capabilities, and wearable products, motion design is increasingly becoming an integral and essential part of user experience between human and computer interaction.

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